Monday, February 24, 2014

Black Bean Burgers ❤ Recipe by Rocky Barragan

Black Bean Burgers

These Black Bean Burgers are so moist, hearty and most importantly super delicious that they’ll be a favorite to both Vegetarians and Meat Eaters alike.

Anyone that knows me knows I love Beans…I mean come on…what’s not to love? They’re filling, good for you and uhh…you know…they just taste so darned good.

I’ve been buying Black Bean Burgers at the store but a few years ago I decided to try my hand at them and I have to say they were even better than store bought.

Now in the past I’ve used Wheat Germ as a filler to my Burgers but with my recent love of Almond Meal…you guessed it, I decided to use that as my filler. Plus Almonds are good for you! They help reduce the risk of a heart attack and heart disease, lower cholesterol and help lower your blood sugar.  

As always I used my Reddi Eggs in place of regular Eggs because I love the fact that they are fat free and cholesterol free.

See making recipes healthier is all about the little tweaks here and there. Tweaks that most people wouldn’t notice…at least not taste wise….waist wise….oh, they’ll notice.

I added a couple of veggies like Red Bell Pepper, Onion and Garlic to give our Black Bean Burgers a little zing and flavor.

I decided to top my burgers off with some Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese and for my bun used Fat Free English Muffins. Feel free to substitute any cheese or bun that you’d like. But I have to say that Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese was a match made in heaven with the Black Bean Burgers.

So you all ready to make some deliciousness? Let’s get started!


 Black Beans
·         1 Can
Red Onion
·         ½ Cup
Red Bell Pepper
·         ½ Cup
·         5 Cloves
Almond Meal
·         1 Cup (Approximately)
·         TSP
·         ½ TSP (or to taste)
·         ½ TSP (or to taste)
Reddi Eggs
·         ¼ Cup


Rough chop your Red Bell Pepper & Red Onion. Place in a food processor or blender.

Add in your garlic cloves and puree.

Place a strainer over a bowl and empty your puree. Using a spatula or spoon rub your puree against the strainer to remove as much juice as possible.

Drain your can of Black Beans and empty into a medium sized bowl and mash your Beans lightly. You just want to break them up not totally mash them.

Place your puree into the bowl and add in your Salt, Pepper, Cumin and Almond Meal.
With a fork mix your ingredients.

Next add in your Egg.

Using your hands combine the ingredients. If you find that your mix is a little bit on the runny side you can add more Almond Meal.

Now you can start forming your Burger patties. Roll into a slight ball in your hands and pat out into a patty. This recipe should make 4 patties.

Place your Black Bean Burgers on a baking sheet that you’ve spayed down with Olive Oil spray.

Place into a 350 degree oven and cook your Burgers for approximately 15 minutes on each side. You want your Burgers firm so time will vary based on your oven and the consistency of your mix.

I chose to top off my Black Beans Burgers with Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese and used Fat Free English Muffins for my bun.

Serve and Enjoy!